Game Update on Feb 22 Time: 2019-02-21 18:29

pdate time: Feb 22 05:00-05:59 AM CDT



Evil Land:
1. In Evil Land, players can obtain corresponding materials to synthesize Evil Power;
2. Higher Saiyan Power will provide more chances to reset Evil Land;
3. Players can only choose to challenge one Evil Land after using one chance and can only challenge one mode after entering Evil Land;
4. After clearing all 3 modes in the instance, players can claim the clearing reward;
5. There is a chance to obtain the rewards shown after clearing each stage;

Evil Power
1. Players can obtain materials to make Evil Power by challenging Evil Land;
2. Collect required materials to synthesize Evil Power in the Synthesize;
3. Synthesized Evil Power can used used on specific hero in the Practice;
4. Players can practice 5 kinds of Evil Power, corresponding to upgrade 5 kinds of attributes (HP, SPD, Phy./Ki ATK, Physical Defense, Ki Defense)
5. When one kind of Evil Power reaches max level, players can obtain extra bonus effect;