Events Update on Oct 22, 2017 Time: 2017-09-25 20:23

Event . Toad Wallet: Make Money

Event Site: All Servers

Event Detail:

1. Top up Gold every day to get extra rebate. The rebate increases with the gold you top up;

2. Top up for continuously 5 days to get extra 5% of the total top-up Gold;

3. Players can claim the Gold rebate on the event panel on day 6 since the event starts. Please remember to claim it;

4. The giveaway Gold won’t be counted in the VIP EXP and other events;

5. Players who fail to top up for continuously 5 days won't get the extra 5% bonus;

6. You will find the event on the Toad Wallet.

Event. Treasure Exploration

Event Site: All Servers

Event Rules:

1. Top-up 10 Gold = 1 Treasure Point, and each player can get 50 Treasure Points max every day. 

2. Players can get extra Treasure Points from accumulative top-up.

3.Treasure Treasure consumes Treasure Points.

4. The rewards you obtain from Treasure Treasure will be sent to your Bag directly.

Event. Top-up Fun

Event Site: All Servers

Event Rules:
1. During the event, top-up as required will receive a free reward everyday.

2. Limited gift packs are also available. Each level of gift packs can only be bought/claimed once.

3. Daily top-up reward and gift packs are updated everyday at 00:00.

Event. Bulma’s Universal Capsules

Event Site: All Servers

Event Detail:

During the event, each time when you spend 1 Gold/Coupon, you will receive 1 point. When you collect enough amount of points, you will be able to buy items of limited quantity. And some of the items are free to claim.


1. The number of item is limited, it will be first come first served.

2. Each item can be purchased/claimed only once.

3. You cannot buy items with Coupons.

Event. Awesome Rewards for VIP

Event Site: All Servers

Event Rules:

1. Buy diamond VIP according to your VIP level (Diamond VIP lower than your current VIP level can be bought);

2. You can only buy Diamond VIP once during the event;

3. After purchase, you can claim Diamond VIP rewards once a day. Rewards are reset at 24:00. Every Diamond VIP can claim VIP rewards 5 times;

4. Event icon will be kept for 5 days after the event ends. Diamond VIP can’t be bought any more but you can still claim your rewards during this period of time;

5. You won’t be able to claim rewards any more when the event icon is removed and no compensation will be made;

Event. Galaxy Discount Shop

Event Site: All Servers
Event Detail:
1.Players can buy purchase with gold or coupons with a discounted price;
2.When the quantity of goods or individual purchase amount is 0, purchase is not allowed.

Event. Shenron Treasure

Event Site: All Servers

Event Detail:

Shenron Treasure, draw for great rewards! During event period, stay online to obtain free drawing chances. Players can also spend Gold for drawing chances. Each Gold drawing will obtain 1 points, and points can be used to exchange for ultimate items. Each drawing can obtain 5 Lucky Points, accumulate to 100 points can obtain 1 Secret Drawing chances! (The points will be cleared after the event ends.)

Event Rules:
1. Gold Draw requires gold and gives you 5 credit points which can be used to redeem for epic items;
2.Free Luck Draw is based on the length of time you spend online;
3. Every lucky draw gives you 5 Luck Points. Gather 100 points can enter an extra treasure lucky draws (Lucky draw and Gold Luck draw are calculated separately)

4. Points can be used to redeem items and offers you a chance to win advanced equipment as well as mysterious partners~
5. Your points will be cleared after the event.

Event. Cute Ninja Fund

Event Site: All Servers

Event Detail:

1. Top-up gold to activate ninja funds.

2. There are 3 tiers of funds, each tier has different rebate. You can feed 3 ninjas at the same time.

3. An extra upgrade pack will be given when a ninja is upgraded.

5. A limited amount of food is supplied daily. Each player is given 2 free Refresh chances and 3 Gold Refresh chances. The Refresh chances are reset at 0:00 daily.

6. There are 4 types of food, each of which requires different Gold and EXP.

7. For each 1,000 Gold topped up, players can claim a Top-Up Food Pack. It can be claimed repeatedly.

8. Rewards are calculated 30 minutes before the event ends and players can't feed ninjas.

9. Rewards are sent via mail at 00:30 the following day.