Game Update on Jul 13, 2017 Time: 2017-07-10 23:57

Dear Warriors,

First of all, thank you for support of our game - Dragon Ball Z Online, for that launched a new function - Team Battle. details are as follows,

New Function---Team Battle

1. Unlock Team Battle when the main character reaches Lv. 45: Team Battle is a cross-server battle. When more than five players reach Lv. 45 in the server, it will start the next day.

2. The Team Battle can be joined during 12:30-12:59 and 20:30-20:59 every day.

3. After Team Battle activated, players can form a team freely to join.

4. Players will be rewarded with Badges according to the points they get every day, and the rewards will be sent via email at 00:00.

5. Badges can be exchanged for the items, equipment and heroes from Badge Shop.

6. Longer winning streaks means more badges.