Events Update on Jun 29, 2017 Time: 2017-06-29 05:03

Events Update on Jun 29, 2017

Event . Toad Wallet - Lucky Cat

Event Site: All Servers

Event Detail: Top up as required during the event can activate Lucky Cat, which contains luxury items and gold.

Event Rules:

1. Single top-up reaches 1000 gold can activate Small Lucky Cat; 2500 gold to activate Lucky Cat; 5000 gold to activate Large Lucky Cat.

2. Each Lucky Cat can only be activated once.

3. Top up 15000 gold in one attempt can activate all lucky cats.

4. After activation, you’ll get bonus gold and other rewards from the lucky cat. You can claim rewards from one cat once a day for 5 days.

5. After activation, you will have 5 days to claim all of your rewards.

6. Free gold won’t count for VIP EXP and other events.

Event. Shenron’s Gift

Event Site: All Servers

Event Detail:

1. During the event, top-up records will be recorded;

2. There are 8 levels of rewards. Players can activate each level by accumulating top-up

3. When the amount of accumulative top-up reaches the requirement, system will activate the power to claim rewards and buy packs automatically;

4. There is only one chance to claim a free reward after each level of reward is activated;

Event. Treasure Exploration

Event Site: All Servers

Event Rules:

1. Top-up 10 Gold = 1 Treasure Point, and each player can get 50 Treasure Points max every day. \

2. Players can get extra Treasure Points from accumulative top-up.

3.Treasure Treasure consumes Treasure Points.

4. The rewards you obtain from Treasure Treasure will be sent to your Bag directly.

Event. VIP Grand Pack

Event Site: All Servers

Event Detail:

1.During the event, VIP level≥4 players can buy VIP packs with gold or coupons to receive premium items.

Example: VIP6 players can buy VIP4, VIP5, VIP6 packs.

2. Each level of VIP pack is limited to buy once.

Event. 7-Stars Dragon Ball

Event Site: All Servers

Event Detail:

1.During the event period, spend 1 Gold/Coupon will obtain 1 Wish Point Collect one Dragon Ball and obtain corresponding Coupons rebated (Mail will be sent immediately) Every day at Midnight, system will clear that day's accumulated Wish Points

2.During the event period, spend 1 Gold/Coupon will obtain 1 Wish Point When Wish Points satisfy the requirements, can claim corresponding Summon Chest.

Event. Group Buying

Event Site: All Servers

Event Detail:

Servers Group Buy has 2 stages: registration period and purchase period.

Registration period is open to all players. The more people register, the cheaper the item will be. There is a floor price for the item.

Note: Registration requires players to possess enough gold or coupons to buy the item. Gold or coupons will not be deducted after registration.

Purchase period: Players who register successfully will have a 10-minute cool down period. Each group buying can only be bought once and will cost the corresponding amount of gold or coupons.

There will be 5 rounds of group buying activities.

Event. Blackmarket Shop, Find Great Deals Here

Event Site: All Servers

Event Rules:
1. During the event, you can buy valuable items and ninjas in the Black market Shop.

2. Click Refresh to update available items. Refresh once requires 20 gold. There is a chance to get rare items.

3. Gold spent for buying or refreshing items in the Black market Shop can be converted to Black market Points(1 Gold=1 Black market Point). A prize can be obtained by reaching required number of Black market Points.

4. Coupons cannot be used.

5. Obtained ninja and Spiritual Beast cannot be bought again.