Hotfix/Game Update on Apr 24, 2017 Time: 2017-04-24 02:30

New Functions:

1. Consultant Group

a. Consultant Group unlocks at level 46, and it can Boost team’s Battle Power.

b. Original Consultant Bulma Summon scroll can be bought in Shop

c. Max 5 consultant in deploy

2. Server-launching Fund

a. Vitality Fund: After you buy the Fund, you will receive 20 Vitality every day, last for 20 days

b. Gem Fund: After you buy the Fund, you will receive 1 lv.4 Gem Pack every day, last for 20 days

c. Coupon Fund: After you buy the Fund, you will receive 200 Coupons every day, last for 20 days

d. Enhancement Talisman Fund: After you buy the Fund, you will receive 1 Z Weapon Enhancement Talisman every day, last for 20 days

3. Limited-time Purchase (Unlocks at Lv. 30)

Discounted items refresh from time to time

4. Continuous Top-up


1. Formation

Double click hero image, it will deploy

2. UI

a. Optimize game loading display

b. When Formation is full, adding new hero will be lead to Rank Upgrade

c. Extra color for accepted tasks and finished tasks.

d. Unaccepted tasks show the level needed to accept the task

e. Redeem CD-Key icon moves to Radar Area

f. Add title display in VIP Interface

3. Battle

a. After failing a battle, click to enter corresponding interface

b. Add notice to buy Kami Pack after failure.

4. Stage/Scene

a. Add extra random reward in Stage Clearing Chest

b. Add Back to City Button

c. The run speed increases in the city

d. Add notice of potential obtain after clear stage for the 1st time.

5. Growth Road

a. Notice for the finished tasks only

b. Lower the requirement of some task

6. Hero

Enlarge the hero model, such as Bulma

7. Shenron

Shenron displays, and cannot be hidden( The hidden Shenron can display again after summon)

Others Optimization:

1. The level pack issue

2. The interface of Double Fortify

3. The Novice Guide

4. Accelerate display speed after the Treasure Exploration

5. Battle Power boost effect only shows in The Temple

6. Move Gem icon to the bottom of main interface.

7. No notice window pop-up when Potential is available, the potential icon light up instead.

8. Battle Power boost effect display

9. Remove the skill glitter

10. Some system function unlock level: 

Sign-in level changed from Lv.5 to Lv.17; Shenron changed from Lv.21 to Lv.24; 

Z-Weapon changed from Lv.29 to Lv.34; Gem Changed from Lv.30 to Lv.31; 

Extreme Challenge changed from Lv.30 to Lv.34; 

Master&Slave changed from Lv.24 to Lv.42. Creature changed from Lv.32 to Lv.46; 

Gravity Training changed from Lv.30 to Lv.55; RR Army Treasure changed from Lv.31 to Lv.27; 

Hero Hotel changed from Lv.20 to Lv. 25.

11. Auto Back to City 5 second after you flip the card.

12. Treasure Exploration animation disappear faster

13. When you reach the corresponding level, a level pack claim window pops-up to.

14. Online pack interface

15. Items in Level pack

16. The start animation word display

17. The coin unit notice in Saiyan’s Power interface

18. Fixed slaves cannot be captured in arena

19. New chat expression

20. New icon for Justice Set

21. Game Lag issue after a while

22. When Sign-up for Legion Battle, players not in any Legion will be leaded to legion interface

23. Some description errors in daily Task

24. Daily task can be Completed Now in any case 

25. Tien Shinhan display icon in Top-up ranking changed

26. Server-launching Fund description error